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Our Lobby is closed, but we're still Open!

As we all know, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been quite the scare for many communities across the world and has caused many aspects of our lives to change. As it is a growing concern for everyone in the Roseville area, including our team members, we feel that it is important that we all work together to ensure that we stay as safe as possible and do what we can to flatten the curve and slow the spread of the virus.

At Blue Oaks Veterinary Clinic, we are doing our best to continue to remain open to care for your pets during this time during normal business hours. As recommended by the CDC and Department of Public Health, we have increased the frequency with which we disinfect surfaces, with a special focus on high touch areas such as door handles, counters, chairs, phones, keyboards, etc. to keep clients and staff safe. Moving forward, we will also refrain from shaking hands or hugging as well as keeping a safe social distance of 6 feet to ensure we prevent any viral spread. This behavior is not meant to be seen as disrespectful, but an attempt to do everything we can to keep everyone healthy.

To further aid in flattening the curve as much as possible, we will be making some temporary policy changes that we have begun to implement but will be in full effect Monday, March 23rd. These policies are as follows:

-Our lobby will be closed until further notice, but we will still be open to care for your pet.

-We will be spreading out appointments so that we limit the number of people at or near the clinic during the same time.

-We ask that any clients that have traveled recently or who personally, or live with a family member, showing signs of fever, cough, shortness of breath, or cold or flu like symptoms to not come to the clinic. It is best for you to stay home and send another person with your pet if possible. If you cannot find anyone else to bring your pet in for you, please call the clinic so that we can discuss the best way to proceed to protect our other clients and staff.

-During this time, we will be foregoing non-essential things such as nail trims and postponing them for a later date. Vaccine appointments, especially for puppies and kittens, are considered essential.

-We will be offering “Concierge Service” for all appointments and medication pick up.

This means that when you arrive, please call the office from the comfort of your vehicle so that we can get history, discuss the preliminary treatment plan, and receive payment, then a staff member will meet you at the door and get your pet and/or bring medications depending on the circumstances of your visit. Please have any information you would like the doctor to see - vaccination history or notes - ready to give the technician when they gather your animal. Your pet will then be given a full exam by the doctor in the clinic who will then contact you via phone to discuss your concerns and our findings, as well as the best treatment plan (and any changes that may be recommended) for your pet and receive payment. Following the completion of your pet’s exam, the technician will contact you via phone to discuss any medications to go home and meet you outside the clinic doors with your pet. This will be effective for all appointments, except for special circumstances as deemed appropriate by your veterinarian and our management team while keeping the safety of our team and clientele of utmost importance.

In making the above changes, we hope to limit the foot traffic in the clinic and minimize the spread of COVID-19 as many of us can be asymptomatic carriers and we want to help stop the spread to all, especially the more vulnerable population. It is important that we all work together and we appreciate your understanding while we navigate these difficult times. Please email or call us with any questions or concerns you have and we will do our best to accommodate everyone if possible. We will be here to help and are happy to assist as long as we are able to continue to stay open.

Blue Oaks Veterinary Clinic Staff

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